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Carbon welded steel pipe

SeAh Steel produces carbon welded steel pipe products with a differentiated production system and strict quality control from manufacturing steel pipe to post-processing and quality inspection


Superior technology and quality

Over 60 years of steel pipe manufacturing technology and know-how

Continuous material research and technology development through the specialized steel pipe R&D center


Broad product supply ability

Steel pipe manufacturing facilities, including ERW, JCOE, SAW, and SPIRAL, as well as SRM and hot-dip galvanizing facilities, respond to various market needs.

Secured competitiveness to respond to domestic and overseas project demands by producing finished OCTG products that can perform even post-processing, including QT equipment and CNC screw machines.


Differentiated production and inspection systems

Control welding quality with a monitoring system

Detect welding failures with the latest non-destructive testing equipment

Highest welding quality assurance with product testing services provided by an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory

Featured Products

  • ERW

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 19.0~610.0mm

    ㆍThickness : 2.0~25mm

    ㆍLength : 24.4m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 1,300,000tons

  • SAW, Press Bending

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 406.4~1676.4mm

    ㆍThickness : 8.0~65.8mm

    ㆍLength : 18.3m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 380,000tons

  • SAW, Roll Bending

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 1473.2~6500mm

    ㆍThickness : 150mm

    ㆍLength : 4.2m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 48,000tons

  • SAW, Spiral Line

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 406.4~4013.2mm

    ㆍThickness : 25.4mm

    ㆍLength : 70m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 120,000tons

Detailed Usage

  • For OIL & GAS



  • For Heat Exchangers

    Boiler water, smoke, superheat, and air preheat pipes

    Exchange tubes, condenser tubes, and catalyst tubes for heat exchangers in the chemical industry

  • For Plumbing

    SPP (carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping) or galvanized steel pipe for general piping, water storage, sewer, industrial, irrigation, water storage, fire hydrants, ship piping, and oil and gas transportation

    Steel pipe for plumbing water, oil, gas, steam, air, etc., with low working pressure

    Steel pipe for pressure piping used at 350 degrees or less

  • For Structure

    Structural steel pipes used for structures, bridges, ports, machinery, pylons, automobiles, bicycles, power poles, steel pipe scaffolds, fixtures, supports, handrails, fences, etc.

    Steel pipe piles, steel pipe piles for piles in civil, architectural, and other structures

  • Conduit

    Rigid steel conduits to protect electrical wiring and electrical wiring

  • For Insulation

    For district heating plumbing, heat and cold insulation, freeze prevention plumbing, and self-heating insulated double pipes

  • Material conduit

    For automotive use, for automotive use

Packaging Specification

Bundle packing

Secure the product with a steel band

Plastic packing

Prevent internal moisture and debris from entering

PP rope packing

Prevent collisions between products

PP Hessian packing

Corrosion prevention

Cross Steel Bar packing

Outer diameter deformation prevention

Bevel Protector packing

Protecting the pipe end