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SeAH Steel's R&D Center is the best research center in Korea's steel pipe companies for discovering new products, technologies, and businesses that drive future growth.

Research Objectives

Securing the future of SeAH Steel through pilot research and development

[Empowerment and Support to Build a Self-Sustaining System]

Field of Research

Research and development history

  • 2022
    12 Development of X80 steel pipe for SAGD Steam-lines
    07 Established welding research building
    Built L-Seam / C-Seam / ESW simulator
    04 Participated in 1 government project
    Developed material/steel pipe manufacturing technology for high-pressure hydrogen transfer at 100 atmospheres (April 2022 - December 2025)
    03 Developed STS-Clad steel pipe manufacturing technology
    04 Participated in 2 government project
    Developed cryogenic HIC SSCC with -45℃ guaranteed ERW steel pipe manufacturing technology with excellent corrosion resistance properties (April 2021 - December 2024)
    Developed technology to manufacture 16-inch and larger diameter steel pipes for offshore plants and renewable energy for the highly functional energy industry (April 2021 - December 2024)
    07 Constructed new R&D center
    04 Participated in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's material component technology development project to develop steel pipe and pressure vessel manufacturing technology using wide-rolled clad thick plates (April 2020 - December 2022) / Developed technology to manufacture 550 MPa riser steel pipe for shipbuilding offshore plants (April 2020 - December 2022)
    01 Reorganized into R&D Center (Pilot Research Team, Smart Technology Team, Quality Management Team)
    11 SeAH steel was registered as a World Class Product (API K55 and five (5) other items)
    03 The Pilot Research Team was reorganized into New Technology/Process Development and New Material/Welding Research Part.
    07 Signed a technology agreement with the Pohang Metal Materials Industrial Promotion Agency (POMIA)
    08 Developed steel pipe manufacturing technology using high manganese steel for wear resistance
    06 Developed ERW steel pipe technology for mining with a yield strength of 110 ksi (758 MPa) or more (industry-academia collaborative research)
    06 Developed manufacturing technology for high manganese steel piping materials and parts for LNG (industry-academia collaborative research)
    11 Developed element technology for manufacturing High Collapse Performance steel pipes (industry-academia collaborative research)
    12 signed a research agreement to develop steel pipe materials and pipe-making technology for energy transportation (POSCO Technology Research Institute)
    06Participated in developing steel pipe technology for SOUR within the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's medium-term base project (June 2011 - May 2016)
    06 Researched ERW welding characteristics of alloy steel pipe (industry-academia collaborative research)
    07 Developed quality assurance technology for welded parts of material pipes for a technical support business specializing in component materials (July 2007 - June 2008)
    11 Participated in the development of steel pipe technology for Lifeline within the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's medium-term base project (June 2011 - April 2012)
    07 Reorganized into new material research, product development, welding technology, and facility technology Parts
    01 The Research and Development Team (R&D Team) reorganized into the Technical Service team (The Facility Planning team was affiliated with the Pohang plant)
    04 Reorganized into R&D team (steel structure research), Facility Planning team, and Technical Services team (3 teams)
  • 1998
    03 it was reorganized into two teams: the R&D team and the Facilities Planning team.
    01 Changed name to "SeAH Steel Technology Institute"
    03 operated the task-based responsibility system and organized additional technical support teams (5 teams)
    01 Merged Facility Planning team and Design team. Created additional international TFT teams
    12 Started development of automatic welding heat input control device for steel pipes (industrial-based technology, industry-academia collaborative research)
    10 Reorganized into five teams (Research Management, New Product Development, Facility Planning, Automation Technology, and Design)
  • 1987
    05 Designated as a Special Military Service Institute
    01 Established Technology Research Center (Ministry of Science and ICT Office 411)
    05 Launched R&D department (location: Gaebong-dong, Seoul)

Research and Development Performance

  • 1) Development of API 5CT K55 steel pipe

    2) Commercialization of non-heat treated SeAH 80/90 and development of SeAH 100

    3) Development of API 5CT QT heat treated steel pipe (L80, N80, P110)

    4) API 5CT High Collapse guaranteed steel pipe

    5) Green Tube for API 5CT P110 Q/T

    6) Development of API 5L X100 steel pipe

    7) API 5L Gr.X60, X65, X70 steel pipe for enduring SSCC

    8) API 5L Gr.X65, X70 steel pipe for enduring HIC

    9) Low temperature (-45℃) steel pipe (for export to the US)

    10) Developing ERW 8" thick wall steel pipe

    11) Thick wall steel pipe SeAHYPER

    12) WRP210 (abrasion-resistant steel pipe)

    13) Steel pipe for tunnel reinforcement (N-80, S45C, STKM16A)

    14) For hydroforming P.O. Steel Pipe

    15) Picking Pipe for chemical piping (for export to the US)

    16) Cr-Mo alloy carbon steel pipe for corrosion resistance and boiler tubing

    17) Sea water resistant Strong Marine 400

    18) Sulfuric acid corrosion-resistant steel pipe

    19) Lean Duplex for STS316L replacement

    20) Steel Pipe-STRUT (jointly developed by POSCO and 7 steel pipe companies)

    21) Marine Pipe (white pipe for seawater piping)

    22) Government project development of steel pipe and pressure vessel manufacturing technology using a wide rolled clad thick plate (2020 – 2022) Developed manufacturing technology for 550 MPa riser steel pipes for shipbuilding offshore plants (2020 – 2022) Developed ERW steel pipe technology for mining with yield strengths greater than 110 ksi (758 MPa) (2014 – 2018) Developed technology to manufacture high manganese steel piping materials and components for LNG (2013 – 2016) Developed X80 grade steel pipe for H2S-containing oil/gas transportation (2011 – 2017) Developed technology for manufacturing and application of Hyper Duplex stainless steel for cooling seawater facilities ('08-'14) Developed technology for manufacturing fine-grained steel pipes for future urban harmonized Lifelines (2006 – 2012)

    23) Industry-academia collaborative research development of element technology for manufacturing High Collapse Performance steel pipe formation and stress analysis of roll-formed steel pipe by finite element method, alloy steel pipe welding technology, and basic research on laser welding of high-strength steel pipe

    24) Comprehensive technical support project for parts and materials research on technology for quality assurance of ERW welds in material tubes, a key technology for quality assurance of weld SSCC resistant

    25) Established a new ERW 4” Tubing line (USA)

    26) Launched SeAH Steel Vina 2nd Plant (Vietnam)

    27) Build a Spiral API line (USA)

    28) Build JCO a 500,000 ton line of heavy steel pipe (UAE)

    29) Thicken the ERW 5” mill

    30) Establish a new QT heat treatment line

    31) Establish a new OCTG 20" screw line (Premium screw product)

    32) Newly created JCOE 18M line

    33) CFT steel pipe support development (new plant established)

    34) Build a new ERW line (Vietnam)

    35) Development of a welding spark Detecting device (ERW)

    36) Develop a welding standard ROI device

    37) Developed and patented a welding Waveform Control device

    38) Developed a coil width measurement device

    39) Developed a heat treatment Seam Tracking device

    41) JCOE 18M Press control system development

    42) Developed a JCOE straightness measurement device

    43) JCOE robotic marking machine automation

    44) Developed small diameter Rotary Floop 3x loading technology

    45) Developed a 24" Pipe mill crop-share cutting control system

    46) Developed an 8" ERW online inner bead-checking device (8"x 16.5T)

    47) Developed technology for device removing oil left inside the pipe during an 80ft-long pipe fabrication

    48) Developed a 3D weld flaw detection device

    49) STS steel pipe Digital RT technology development

    50) Developed non-sprayable coating devices

    51) Developed an Auto carriage for C-Seam Weldability evaluation

  • 1) Anti-Groove corrosion steel pipe (water pipe welded durable corrosion steel pipe)

    2) Pipeline for Sour Gas (API 5L X60)

    3) Oxygen-free atmosphere heat-treating facilities

    4) Ultrasonic flaw detection technology

    5) Large diameter roll bending Mill

    6) Operate facility monitoring devices

    7) Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy: Joint research on industrial-based technologies - Development of automatic welding input heat control technology (1st year)

    8) New equipment introduced - Ti Tube pipe maker, Full Body UT, etc.

    9) Collaborative research - steel pipe corrosion and anticorrosion research, steel pipe pile application development research, low to mid-rise steel-framed apartment research

    10) Promote steel pipe technology transfer business overseas (APC-TA)

    11) Established a joint venture in Vietnam (Hải Phòng, VINA PIPE)

    12) Automate galvanizing pretreatment facility operations

    13) Equipment live monitoring devices

    14) Established new ERW 24" Mill (Unit PM53)

    15) Established a joint venture in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, SPC)

    16) Automate galvanizing pretreatment facility operations

    17) Equipment real-time monitoring devices

    18) G7 Task: Collaborate on the development of superconducting CICs (discontinued)

    19) Automotive pultruded header piping (for shock absorber, Axle, Stabilizer, Drive Shaft)

    20) Steel pipes for hydraulic cylinders

    21) Seismic angular & architectural steel pipe BCR295, KS D 3864, STAS 490, STKN 490

    22) High-tensile steel pipe for pylons (STKT 590)

    23) Steel pipe for Slurry

  • 1) Developed electric pole

    2) Commercialization of insulated double pipe development

    3) Development of ASTM A178 Gr.A for boilers

    4) API 5CT N-80 steel pipe development

    5) API 5L X52 HIC-Free

    6) Installed 3-Roll Bender Mill (LD80)