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About Us


The living history of the steel pipe industry in Korea

SeAH Steel has left a distinct mark on the steel industry, establishing its roots in steel pipe manufacturing in 1960 when the industry was barren, becoming the first Korean company to export steel pipes to the United States, the world's most developed market, in 1967, and executing initial public offering in 1969. We have led the development of Korea's steel pipe industry with a challenging spirit that is always ahead of the curve and a pioneering spirit that shines in times of crisis.


Leading the way in the steel pipe industry with advanced technology

Having developed API steel pipes, representative welded steel pipes, for the first time in Korea, SeAH Steel is growing into a global steel pipe company based on its technology, not only in Korea. With Pohang, Suncheon, Changwon, and Gunsan plants, we have established Korea's most extensive carbon steel pipe and specialty pipe (STS, Ti) production system. Based on our competitiveness in steel pipes for construction, shipbuilding, and energy, we are expanding into the offshore wind power substructure market.

CEO Messages

Our consistent steadfastness has become a competitive advantage.

SeAH Steel continues its long legacy as Korea's leading steel pipe company. Since our founding in 1960, the company was one of the first in our industry to export to industrialized nations abroad and made an early initial public offering to fuel healthy growth. From its start as a steel pipe manufacturer when the industrial base was weak to becoming one of the largest companies specializing in the production of welded steel pipes in Korea today, the spirit of SeAH is at its core. This consistent steadfastness in adhering to principles and creating rich value based on sincerity and trust has become SeAH Steel's competitive advantage today.

Your encouragement made all the difference.

With the trust and encouragement of our customers, SeAH Steel has been able to maintain its long-standing reputation as a steel pipe company. SeAH Steel has earned the trust of its customers by leading the way in welding technology and product development. With an efficient production system and efforts to improve quality, we kept our promise to our customers. We listened and engaged with our customers, took a long-term view, and continued to create new opportunities. The endeavor to get closer to our customers has become a competitive differentiator that expands our expertise and diversity. To meet the needs of a wide range of customers across all industries, SeAH Steel will continue to bring more excellent value to our customers and the industry with a broad base that spans not only steel pipe manufacturing but also post-processing.

CEO Vice Chairman Hwiryeong Lee

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