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Stainless welded steel pipe

SeAH Steel's stainless welded steel pipes are used in a wide range of industries where high quality is required, from general piping to transporting energy resources and heat transfer in nuclear power plants or desalination facilities.


Superior technology and quality

Our specialized SeAH steel facilities enable us to produce a wide range of high-quality products, including Duplex and Super Duplex products used in desalination plants and offshore structures, as well as steel pipes for demanding semiconductors and sanitary piping for food.


Differentiated production systems

Ensure optimal welding quality control and stable quality with a welding area monitoring system

High productivity with a wide range of automatic welding equipment in PAW, GTAW, and SAW methods

Featured Products

  • EFW, Roll forming

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 13.8-609.6mm

    ㆍThickness : 12.7mm

    ㆍLength : 13.5m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 50,000 tons

  • EFW, Press Bending

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 406.4-1676.4mm

    ㆍThickness : 65mm

    ㆍLength : 13.2m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 24,000 tons

  • EFW, 6M Roll Bending

    ㆍOuter Diameter : 457.2-2032mm

    ㆍThickness : 25.4mm

    ㆍLength : 6.1m

    ㆍProduction Capacity : 6,000 tons

Detailed Usage

  • For Plumbing

    Piping for corrosion-resistant, low- and high-temperature, etc.

    Piping for water supply, hot water, drainage, hot and cold water, etc.

  • LNG Plants and Ships

    Piping for cryogenic, corrosion-resistant, etc.

  • Petrochemical Plants

    Piping for cryogenic, corrosion-resistant, etc.

  • Hydrogen plant

    For cryogenic applications, piping for internal use

  • Steel Pipe for Heat Transfer

    For heat exchange, such as boiler superheaters, heat exchangers in the chemical and petroleum industries, condenser pipes, catalyst pipes, etc.

Packaging Specification

Bare packing

Securing products with an iron frame

Hessian packing

Wrapped products in bundles with a sack

Wooden slate

Method that a wooden frame overlays products wrapped in a sack.

Wooden box

Putting the product in a wooden box